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Suggested interview questions for Kate:

1.       You’re a young woman – why is preserving your family’s traditions so important to you and do you think other people your age feel the same as you do?

2.       What are some things people can do to preserve traditions in their families?

3.       Homemade baked goods and heirloom recipes make great holiday gifts. What are your tips for transforming a favorite recipe into a cherished gift?

4.       Is there a “right” way to record a recipe? What kinds of things should one include when writing down a recipe intended to be passed down through generations?

5.       What inspired you to create Secret Ingredients™ heirloom cookbooks?

6.       What are some of your family’s traditions?

7.       Do you have some tips for families who wish to start a tradition?

8.       You’ve written about the importance of creating time capsules for families. What types of things should a family include in a time capsule? How long should they wait to open it?

9.       How do your “roots” impact you today? How have your great grandparents and other distant relatives influenced the way you live your life?

10.   What is it about sharing a meal that makes for a great family tradition? Does it have to be formal or happen every single year? What is the “recipe” for tradition?

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