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Secret Ingredients Announces New Keepsake Cookbooks

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Giving Recipes as Gifts: Giving recipes is a wonderful way to show someone you care, and an economical way to make someone feel special. Recipes are free, but they carry with them the memories of every time a certain dish was made. Kate can provide tips and ideas.

Family Recipes: Share with your audience your staff’s family recipes and have Kate Walling embellish the story behind the tasty treat with you – providing tips to capture family history and why it’s important.

Secret Ingredients Recipe Contest: Encourage your audience to share their own recipes on your media venue’s website. Kate Walling will provide the chosen recipe a gift heirloom cookbook.


Bringing Family Back to the Table: Family dinner time is no longer a throw-back to the 50s. Time together is at a premium for families these days – Kate explains why family dinner time is making a come back and how it reduces stress.   


Five Reasons why “Tradition” is Hip: Why young families are eager to be June and Ward Cleaver.


Wedding Wow: What better way to send a young woman off to start her new life than with a complete collection of family recipes? It’s perfect for bridal parties and new moms, too.


Mom’s Moment: Many grandmothers and aunties pass away before families capture the love they’ve shared with them for years. Why are these contributions undervalued in our families? What we can do to make mom and grand-mama feel special and loved; just like they do for us with their apple pies!

To receive tailored information for your media venue, please contact Michelle Tennant at 828-749-3200, michelle@tennant.org.

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