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“I gave my adult children a cookbook from Secret Ingredients for Christmas several years ago. They all were thrilled and the tradition has continued with other family members and close friends compiling their personal family histories in cookbook form. The traditions, pictures and time-tested recipes make for a gift that is deeply cherished and enduring.” - Ann C. Bristol, Tennessee

“The Secret Ingredients cookbook that I received as a wedding gift is, quite simply, one of my most cherished possessions. With favorite family dishes and photos, the cookbook is so much more than a collection of recipes: it is a collection of the history of my family and friends, and the wonderful traditions of the kitchen that have carried on through generations. Thank you, Secret Ingredients, for offering such a unique and wonderful product.” - Beth S. Tucson, Arizona

“I just received the Secret Ingredients cookbooks that my sisters and I created to preserve our mother’s recipes. Wow! I am so proud of the final product. Not only is the quality and detail amazing, but every inch of the cookbook represents my family and our memories. Your website brought my family together in the most meaningful of projects, and as happy as we are with our cookbooks, we will miss the fun times we shared creating them. I would have never imagined that this project could be orchestrated so smoothly!” - Sara R. Oklahoma City, OK

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